1.)   WHAT IS THE MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER ? First, when  CALLING US AT (203) 381-0399 for Repairs On Your Copier, Printer, Format Copier, Plotters or whatever your office equipment is it’s easier for the technician to know this information before beginning the SERVICE CALL so the technician can determine if he/she is able to SERVICE  your type of equipment or not.


2.) WHAT COPY QUALITY ISSUES ARE YOUR HAVING with your Copier, Printer, Plotter, Format Copier, Or whatever your office equipment is ? Secondly, it’s very important to inform us of this information this way the service repair technician (he/she) can determine if a part will be needed to repair your office equipment effectively. This way when you  CALL US (203) 381-0399  or  ( if you decide to us our contact form.  MAKE CERTAIN ! you inform of this information so we may determine if a part will be needed and check if we have this item available in our parts stock warehouse before arriving to this SERVICE CALL (or) if this PART NEEDS to be ORDERED before preforming this SERVICE CALL.


3.) IS YOUR OFFICE EQUIPMENT ( Copier, Printer, Plotter, Format Copier, etc.) DISPLAYING AN ERROR CODE (OR) ANY ERROR CODES ? THIRDLY, This is the one of the  MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION when you CALL US AT  (203) 381-0399 this way we can look up this ERROR CODE and predetermine the issue with your office equipment immediately and inform you of the issue. So if you decide to use our  CONTACT US FORM  MAKE CERTAIN !  to include this information it will also helps us to evaluate your estimated repair cost along with the amount of labor it may take to repair this equipment.

4.)  ARE YOU EXPERIENCING ANY JAMS WITH YOUR OFFICE EQUIPMENT ? whether it be a  (Copier, Printer, Plotter, Format Copier, etc.) and MOST IMPORTANTLY! WHERE IS IT JAMMING  FOURTHLY, this is also valuable information. WHY ? Well if your office equipment is just  Jamming and especially where is it jamming many times the repairs may take  an hour or may be accomplished  within the minimum of a 1 hour labor charge time frame. This helps us come as prepared as possible for this repair.  So the next time you  place your next SERVICE CALL by  CALLING US AT  (203) 381-0399 This information will helps us tremendously.  NOW, You may also use our  CONTACT US FORM however, just make certain you include this information.


5.) FINALLY, WHAT IS THE COLOR SPECIFICATIONS OF THE EQUIPMENT THAT WE WILL BE SERVICING ?  Now you maybe wondering why is this IMPORTANT ? When SERVICING COLOR COPIERS, COLOR PRINTERS, COLOR MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COPIERS, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COLOR PRINTERS, and any other MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DEVICE that can COPY, PRINT, SCAN, FAX, as well as Network Print, Network Scan, Scan to Email, Scan to Print, Scan to Folder, etc.  the repair process may take longer since their are (4) separate COLOR TONER CARTRIDGES or more (4) Color Drum Units. As well as a color transfer roller, color transfer belt, and let’s not forget the FUSER ASSEMBLY So many things can go wrong and it’s best to have an EXPERT COLOR PRODUCT REPAIR TECHNICIAN who can service a product like this. Therefore, when CALLING US AT:  (203) 381-0399  Make certain to inform us of this information. If you do decide to use our  CONTACT US FORM ON OUR WEBSITE. Be certain to include this information. It will make the repair process easier.

Blog Post written by:
Ed Stodolski
Copier, Printer, Fax Machine Specialist